"CHRISTMAS on line"



The image of the switching on of the electrical Christmas star of Miranda (the largest in the world) will be sent on line.

It will be the comet of the cyberspace, the cybercomet.

II It will announce :

1 The Christmas event;

2 The Franciscan event of Greccio as one of the focal points of western Christianity (studied from the religious and historical point of view and connected to a few Franciscan routes and to those aspects of Franciscanism necessary to define its meaning).

III It will point out :

The re-enact of the famous "event of Greccio" by Saint Francis which is organized every year by the "Pro Loco" in that village.

IV It will be the comet of the UNIVERSAL CRIB made up by :

1 The on line exhibition of the most meaningful artistic images of the nativity;

2 The on line images, free of charge, of the most interesting cribs signalled by the Associations belonging to the UNIVERSALIS FOEREDATIO PRAESEPISTICA, through photographs and short writings.

V This initiative includes the offer to the ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA AMICI DEL PRESEPIO to send on line the news of the association, free of charge.

This offer, through the ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA AMICI DEL PRESEPIO isenlarged to the UNIVERSALIS FOEDERATIO PRAESEPISTICA and to those association that will take part in the initiative of the UNIVERSAL CRIB.


All texts should written both in the mother langue of the country and in English

(in addition to these two languages also Esperanto and Italian could be used) and should be sent together with some photos by e-mail :

or by floppy disk.

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